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Infrared thermometer

HX-A1 Infrared human body thermometer

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  • Features:Made in China for rapid detection of human body temperature in public places effective measurement of human body temperature convenient and fast.
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Intelligent infrared thermometer

Support wrist and forehead detection; 15 cm auto detection

infrared thermometer,body thermometer

infrared thermometer,body thermometer

Product details

infrared thermometer,body thermometer

Chip ST Speaker 2W
Detection range 15CM Detection time 2s
Sensor theory infrared sensor Accuracy 士0.3℃
Temperature detection range 32℃  to 42.9℃ Power supply 5V/1A
Back ground light Red/ Green/Orange Language Multiple language

         Intelligent infrared thermometer can be applied at school, office, on bus, vehicle,at supermarket, parking lot, entrance and exit of residential area. There are two installation methods: wall mounted type and tripod mounted.
infrared thermometer,body thermometer

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