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Infrared thermometer

HX-T6R19 Palm temperature detection integrated machine

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  • Features:Palm temperature detection integrated machine Made in China for rapid detection of human body temperature in public places effective measurement of human body temperature convenient and fast.
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close range thermometer

Distance data combined with advanced distance temperature algorithm to achieve 
accurate infrared detection with efficient and rapid speed

fastest detection speed

non-contact thermometerpalm thermometer


non-contact thermometerpalm thermometer

Configuration scheme

non-contact thermometerpalm thermometer

Detection method Single Point detection
Detection range laser
Reaction time 0.5-0.8
Maximum detection angle
Discriminating Temperature Measurement 0.02℃
Accuracy ±0.2℃
Detection range 2-8cm
Temperature detection range -10℃~100℃
Best working environment 15℃~40℃
Interface RS485 output
Power supply DC12V
Voltage 0.2A
Adaptor AC220V to DC12V adaptor or USB cable
        The close range thermometer has combined with advanced intelligent temperature algorithm to achieve accurate detection, the laser distance sensor could compute the subject distance accurately to make efficient and rapid detection; the high precision temperature sensor combined with distance data for cross analysis (proprietary temperature measurement algorithm)to make accurate detection for human body temperature through infrared temperature sensor;
non-contact thermometerpalm thermometer

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