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Infrared thermometer

TK005 Infrared human body thermometer

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  • Features:Made in China for rapid detection of human body temperature in public places effective measurement of human body temperature convenient and fast.
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Rapid infrared thermometer

Accurate ,light and sound for fever alarm, Customized setting, safe and easy to operation

Quick thermometer, infrared body temperature detector, non-contact thermometer

Quick thermometer, infrared body temperature detector, non-contact thermometer
Product detail

infrared thermometer,non-contact thermometer
Name Rapid infrared thermometer
Type Infrared thermometer
Weight 200g
Reaction time 0.5s-1s
Detection range Detection range 32℃-42.5℃
Temperature detection range 0℃-100℃
Accuracy 士0.2℃(alarm above setting temperature)
Voltage 1w
Power supply 5V-12VDC
Operation enlivenment 0℃-40℃,humidity <80%
Storage 0℃-50℃,humidity <80%
Fever alarm Adjustable alarm maximum 50°C
Data output Support (optional) 

        The rapid infrared detector has introduced infrared induction thermoelectric reactor detector chip from Belgian , it make accurate temperature calculation automatically by its rich clinical medical data , reflects from real body temperature and the environment temperature.
infrared thermometer,non-contact thermometer

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