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Infrared Passenger Flow

Infrared People Counter Sensor

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  • Features:Infrared passenger flow meter binocular counter: white weight: 400g size: 162*76*37.8mm large screen display long battery life built-in WIFI fast installation data analysis support for secondary development convenient maintenance.
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Infrared People Counter Sensor

Data drives the future
New upgrade new retail business weapon

Infrared People Counter Sensor
Large screen display, long-lasting battery life, built-in WIFI, data analysis, secondary development, operation and maintenance

Computer background display
Real-time update of accurate data, comprehensive data analysis
Comparative analysis of curves, histograms, and EXCEL tables

Infrared People Counter Sensor

Suitable for use in places with heavy traffic

Infrared People Counter Sensor

Quick installation in only two steps
Infrared People Counter Sensor

Infrared passenger flow meter binocular counter: adopts mature binocular photoelectric fuzzy recognition technology. Advanced AVR RISC technology. Application of binocular detection principle: including binocular photoelectric transmitting and receiving unit, control/judgment unit, and data transmission unit.

The "control/judgment unit" is composed of a microprocessor and its peripheral circuits: it distinguishes and judges whether someone has passed according to the fuzzy recognition algorithm. At the same time, the DSP timing measurement technology is used to determine the direction of the human body passing through, so as to achieve an accurate count of the passage's past passenger flow.

Infrared passenger flow meter binocular counter
Function table WIFI version
Infrared detection distance Up to 20M distance
Data storage Cloud data, permanent storage
Passenger flow speed The fastest 30KM/H
Operating status     Battery status / equipment failure / foreign object obstruction
Power supply options No. 14505 battery
Browse mode Mobile applet/computer login
Is it rainproof Normal use outdoors
product material     High quality ABS material

Video camera Parameter value
Exterior Ordinary hemisphere
sensor type 1/3 inch CMOS
Pixel 1.3 million
Maximum resolution 1280×960
scanning method line-by-line scan
Electronic shutter 1/3s~1/100000s (can be adjusted manually or automatically)
Minimum illumination 0.01Lux (color mode); 0.001Lux (black and white mode)
Signal to noise ratio >56dB

Lens Parameter value
Lens type focus
Lens interface M12
Lens focal length 2.8mm
Lens aperture F2.0
Field of view Horizontal 89°, vertical 64°, diagonal 118°
Aperture control Fixed aperture
Professional intelligence  
Deep Intelligence stand by
People Counting Supports statistics on the number of people entering, leaving and passing, supports statistics on the number of people in the area, and can display and output daily, weekly, monthly, and annual statistical reports

video Parameter value
Video frame rate 1280×960@25fps
Day and night conversion Electronic color to black
BLC stand by
Strong light suppression stand by
Wide dynamic stand by
White balance Auto/natural light/street light/outdoor/manual/area custom
Gain control Manual / Auto
Noise reduction 3D noise reduction
Privacy mask 4 pieces
The internet Parameter value
Network Interface 10/100M Ethernet port
Platform communication protocol Private communication protocol
Browser Support IE9; IE10; IE11; Chrome8+; Firefox3.5+; Safari5+ browser
Features Parameter value
Image settings Brightness; Contrast; Sharpness; Saturation; Gamma
OSD information overlay People counting; people counting in the area
reset Support one key to restore the default configuration
User Management Support up to 20 users, multi-level user authority management
Safe mode Authorized user name and password; MAC address binding; HTTPS encryption; IEEE 802.1x; network access control
Data cache The data cache of this machine is up to 1 year, after exceeding, it will be covered automatically by the hour
power supply Parameter value
Operating Voltage DC12V (±30%)
Power supply DC12V/POE
Power consumption Basic power consumption: 3.6W (DC12V), 4.2W (POE) Maximum power consumption: 4.6W (DC12V), 5.3W (POE) (the maximum power consumption when the passenger flow algorithm is turned on)
Operating temperature -10℃~+45℃
Working humidity ≤95%
Protection level IP54
structure Parameter value
Shell material Metal + plastic
Product Size 162mm×76mm×37.8mm
weight Bare metal: 300g with packaging: 460g
Installation method Ceiling and hoisting
power supply Not standard
Lens Standard

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