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Introduction to the use of uv sterilizer

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The new national standard "ultraviolet disinfector hygiene requirements gb28235-2020 (hereinafter referred to as the new national standard >)" issued by the state administration for market regulation and standardization administration on 2020-04-09 will be implemented on 2020-11-01.
The new NATIONAL standard stipulates the raw material requirements, technical requirements, application scope, use method, inspection method, marking and packaging, transportation and storage, nameplate and operation manual of the ULTRAVIOLET disinfector. The new standard is applicable to ultraviolet disinfectors with C band ultraviolet (WAVELENGTH range 200nm-280nm) as bactericidal factors.
UV sterilizer,Sterilization box
What terms and definitions does the New Gb involve?
Ultraviolet lamp: the special electric light source that USES ultraviolet ray to achieve disinfection purpose directly.
Ultraviolet disinfection: after absorbing the ultraviolet energy with the wavelength of 200nm-280nm, the genetic material of the pathogen will mutate, causing the cells to no longer divide and reproduce, so as to kill the pathogen.
Ultraviolet sterilizer: an instrument that disinfects pathogenic microorganisms on the media by taking ultraviolet lamp as the light source and using ultraviolet radiation of lamp tube as the bactericidal factor.
Ultraviolet air sterilizer: an ultraviolet sterilizer that USES ultraviolet lamp, filter screen, fan and ballast to achieve the purpose of air disinfection.
Upper flat ultraviolet air sterilizer: it is installed on the top or top of the indoor wall, ≥2.1m from the ground, and the ultraviolet ray is emitted parallel to the ground to achieve the purpose of air disinfection.
Ultraviolet water sterilizer: An ultraviolet sterilizer that USES ultraviolet lamp, quartz sleeve, ballast and other components enclosed in a container to achieve the purpose of water disinfection.
Ultraviolet surface sterilizer: a sterilizing instrument that USES ultraviolet lamp, power adapter and other components to disinfect the object surface.
Uv intensity: The amount of uv energy received per unit area perpendicular to the direction of uv propagation in a unit time.
Ultraviolet effective dose: the dose of microorganism killing that can be achieved by ultraviolet disinfector in a certain running time.
Disinfection period: the whole process of the ultraviolet sterilizer to be sterilized once.
Disinfection time: the time for disinfection of the ULTRAVIOLET disinfector under the working conditions specified in this Standard.
Useful life: The cumulative lighting time when the UV intensity value of a new UV lamp is reduced to 70% of that specified in this standard.
Circulating air volume: Volume of air circulating through a uv air sterilizer per hour under standard air conditions.
What is the application range of ultraviolet disinfector?
1. Ultraviolet air sterilizer: applicable to medical and health institutions, pathogenic microorganism laboratories, production workshops with hygiene requirements, public places, schools, childcare institutions and other places, indoor dynamic air disinfection under human conditions, but also under the condition of no human use.
2. Ultraviolet water sterilizer: suitable for disinfection of various water bodies.
3. Uv disinfector: applicable to the disinfection of medical instruments and supplies, food (drink) and other surfaces.
Precautions for uv sterilizer
1. It shall be installed and used according to the operating instructions of the product. It shall be regularly maintained and unplugged during maintenance and repair.
2. The ultraviolet disinfector shall measure the ultraviolet intensity according to the service time. When the cumulative service time of the ULTRAVIOLET lamp exceeds the effective life, the lamp tube shall be replaced in time.
3. Uv sterilizers should be maintained by professional personnel. Wear protective glasses and protective clothing when necessary to avoid direct exposure to human skin, mucosa and eyes during disinfection under ULTRAVIOLET light.
4. It is strictly prohibited to use in places where inflammable and explosive materials are stored.
5. When using the ULTRAVIOLET air sterilizer, the inlet and outlet of the ultraviolet sterilizer should not be blocked; The surface of the filter screen and uv lamp should be cleaned regularly according to the cleaning condition of the environment. Do not shut down at will during dynamic air disinfection.
6. When using ultraviolet air sterilizer, keep the environment in the space to be sterilized clean and dry, close the doors and Windows, and avoid circulation with outdoor air; Do not use anemometer.
7. When the quartz sleeve or lamp tube of the ULTRAVIOLET water sterilizer is broken, the power supply and water source of the ultraviolet sterilizer should be cut off in time, and it should be repaired by a special person.
8, uv sterilizer is not allowed to water, clean with a wet cloth, need to cut off the power supply, with a fan or dry in the sun. When the sterilizer is working, do not open the door to avoid damage caused by uv leakage. Turn off the power if you need to turn it on. Disinfected appliances or articles should be clean and waterless. Should not be used to disinfect porous surfaces.
The clinical use of ultraviolet sterilizer is more extensive, but to really use the ultraviolet sterilizer, correct use, disinfection standards, but also to seriously learn and understand the standard "ULTRAVIOLET sterilizer hygiene requirements -GB28235-2020" spirit, in order to guide the clinical, to ensure the disinfection effect.

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