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An infrared thermometer helps the web celebrity night market

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         Since May, Shanghai has launched a series of festivals, such as shopping festival, food Festival and nightlife festival, which have become an important engine to promote consumption recovery and economic recovery. Since June, Shanghai's nighttime consumption power has returned to the same period last year, up more than 10 percent from May, according to data released by Aliresearch. During the epidemic prevention and control period, citizens' consumption habits have also changed, and they are more willing to participate in outdoor activities than indoor enclosed Spaces.
         Recently, the open-air night market in Shanghai, China is very popular, which has also led to a significant increase in the sales of restaurants and retail around it. At the same time, cultural activities such as museum night, late-night bookstore festival and busker weekend show also enrich the choices of nighttime consumption.
Infrared thermometer,Passenger flow monitoring equipment
         In order to make the public feel at ease with their consumption, night markets such as Anyi Night Lane and BFC Bund Maple Path have formulated emergency plans, equipped with infrared thermometer, passenger flow monitoring and other equipment. During the activity, they must enter to measure the temperature, check the work and disinfect the place, and take "current restriction" measures timely according to the situation of passenger flow monitoring. The local governments have strengthened the inspection, supervision and guidance of the night market organizers in implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures. According to the characteristics of various types of night markets, the market regulatory authorities have taken measures such as on site guarantee and wrong time supervision to strengthen supervision and ensure the bottom line of food safety.
         Next, the Municipal Commission of Commerce will guide and urge the organizers of night markets and other events to strictly implement the Guidelines on epidemic Prevention and Control in Night Markets and other densely populated night Economic Places, with emphasis on strengthening temperature measurement management, personnel flow restriction, ventilation and disinfection measures, strengthening staff management and food safety supervision, and improving the emergency plan. At the same time, we also hope that citizens will pay attention to personal protection when participating in various activities.

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