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Outbreak of intelligent temperature measurement technology

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         Traditional temperature measurement and temperature record not only the program trival, and record the inaccurate, accuracy of the temperature detection (0.3 or 0.4 degrees), changes cannot be disadvantages including prominent, with the development of science and technology of infrared thermometer, non-inductive infrared thermal imaging temperature measuring system, 5 g + thermal imaging temperature cervix system such as high peak temperature measurement technology is used in the cities and institutions, especially the body temperature measurement label with the real-time monitoring, real-time upload, periodic report presents the advantages, is widely admired.
         RFID technology is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which USES radio frequency signal to realize non-contact target identification through space coupling and can read and write related data. RFID technology has the advantages of low cost, fast speed, long identification distance and multi-target identification at the same time, so it is widely used in logistics management, transportation, medical and health, commodity anti-counterfeiting and other fields. If sensor technology and RFID technology are combined and applied in the field of temperature measurement and collection, sensor data collection, data transmission, target recognition and other functions will be realized.
intelligent temperature,Infrared thermometer
         Is designed to achieve a wireless temperature monitoring system, the system can realize wireless temperature measurement and the label normal read and write functions, such as real-time written in the tag, the temperature of the sensor and record the RFID chip to the temperature of reader, over a long distance to the backend system processing, system real-time transmission to the background temperature monitoring data, the data after dealing with the upload real-time recording and storage form long-term effective temperature record report, as having been infected with the virus monitoring to provide real and effective digital basis.
         Infrared sensor is the use of infrared for data processing of a sensor, with advantages of high sensitivity, infrared sensors can control the operation of the drive, often used for contactless temperature measurement, gas composition analysis and nondestructive flaw detection, in the medical, military, space technology and environmental engineering in areas such as widely used. For example, infrared sensors can be used to remotely measure the temperature of the human body's thermal image, temperature can be found in abnormal parts.
         Huaxin Zhiyun infrared thermometer, non-contact temperature measurement, one-second temperature measurement, accurate measurement, effectively simplify the temperature measurement process, when the temperature rise over a certain height, the infrared thermometer sends out warning information. Small monitoring distance. 3.5-inch LED hd screen, original imported thermal infrared imaging sensor; 0.3s temperature measurement, fast and accurate temperature measurement, the longest distance is 80CM, non-contact design; High temperature alarm, sound and light alarm prompt; Easy to install, bracket or wall hanging installation.

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