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Uv sterilization bag, mobile phone, mask disinfection artifa

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Do you pay attention to the bacteria hidden around you: textile products such as underwear, underwear, masks, etc., electronic products such as mobile phones, watches, wireless headphones, etc., beauty makeup tools such as change brush, powder puffs, manicure tools, etc., metal products such as keys, glasses, earrings, etc. The uv sterilizer adopts medical grade LEDC, which has high sterilization rate and has been certified by the authority, which is more safe and assured.
Besides sterilizing and charging the smart UV sterilizing bag, this wireless charging has a third function, that is, it can also aromatherapy. The appearance of the sterilizing box is simple and elegant, and the whole body is plain white, suitable for all kinds of use scenes. The whole closed design is adopted, which is safe, tight and opaque. The disinfection procedure is suspended when the lid is opened and resumed when the lid is closed. Use up to feel soft and delicate, put where very good-looking. Add a few drops of aromatherapy to the aromatherapy diffuser box to disinfect and add pleasant fragrance to your phone. You will feel happy and joyful in the process of using.
Uv sterilization bag,Intelligent sterilization
Ultraviolet sterilizing bag
Versatile - Can be placed in adults and children's private clothing, jewelry, beauty tools and mobile phones for disinfection up to 99.9% effect
Long-term safety protection: 10,000 hours of durable LED beads. The wavelength is 265nm.
Portable design - Portable travel is easy, foldable to save space and easy to carry. The size of 10.5 by 7.9 by 5.7 inches is large enough for home use.
Safety system with promise - when the lid is opened more than 45 degrees, it will automatically close and then protect you from exposure. We guarantee a one-year warranty and 24-hour service every day.
One-click operation - start with one click. The dark purple light colored transparent areas can be clearly seen in the clean mode, with no light leakage. Fully automatic cleaning cycles save you time by getting everything done for you.
Ultraviolet sterilizing package by the uv lamp, uv lamp box, drive system, timer, power switch and ultraviolet lamp related circuit components, is characterized by ultraviolet lamp of the uv lamp in the protective box is fixed on a flat surface, the flat panel connected to the slider in the rail track, slider in the output of the drive system under the action of wheel and walk back and forth, making the plane board face and fixed in the uv lamp with walking, running back and forth, the ultraviolet disinfection box was disinfected objects within the object to the illuminate of double-sided, scanning, and no dead Angle, sterilization, is one of the most powerful elimination of environmental protection, no secondary pollution The structure of the sterilizing equipment is more simple and reasonable, the operation is stable, firm and reliable, the service life is longer, and it is conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment in the future.

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