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Chengdu HuaxinIot Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of smart products.
Huaxiniot is headquartered in the West Science and Technology Park of University of Electronic Science and Technology, West District of Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan. It has an independent R&D team and has accumulated nearly ten years of experience in the R&D and design of smart products; a production base covering tens of thousands of square meters and an international sales team.
As an innovative manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of smart products for the Internet of Things, HuaxinIot is determined to "connect you and me with the future". Adhering to the core of technological innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation, and service innovation, we have been committed to providing stable, safe, high-quality, and low-priced IoT smart products for global users.
HuaxinIot provides stable, safe, high-quality and factory-priced infrared thermometers, environmental disinfection meters, environmental detectors, smart toilets, IoT gateways and other smart products. For example: HX-K3pro infrared thermometer, T6R19 wrist thermometer, PM2.5 air detector, environmental treatment equipment, etc.
As an influential manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler in China, HuaxinIot now provides more favorable cooperation prices globally. We also provide special B2B channel prices for large-volume purchases by enterprises and governments. Customers and partners are welcome to contact us:

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