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Infrared thermometer

Wall Mounted Infrared Digital Thermometer

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  • Features:Wall Mounted Infrared Digital Thermometer machine supports storage function. 30 groups of measurement data can be stored.
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Wall Mounted Infrared Digital Thermometer

Why is the wall-mounted infrared digital thermometer the best thermometer?

Because this kind of wall-mounted infrared digital thermometer can help British residents better prevent it.
The following is a comparison of traditional handheld thermometers and non-contact thermometers:

wall-mounted infrared digital thermometer

Handheld temperature gun:

1. Hand-held temperature measurement is required. Increase the risk of contracting the new coronavirus.
2. Close temperature measurement within 5CM. Increase the risk of contracting the new coronavirus.
3. Temperature detection is very slow in crowded places (stations, airports, schools). Cause crowd congestion.
4. Hold the temperature gun at the forehead to measure the temperature. Cause a bad experience.

wall-mounted infrared digital thermometer

The best forehead digital non contact infrared thermometer:

1. The k3 pro infrared thermometer is non-contact type. No need to hold it. Can avoid cross infection.
2. Measuring distance: 5~10 cm. It is safer to detect temperature remotely.
3. The forehead digital thermometer uses a new chip. The induction time is faster (500ms). Increased passing rate per minute (50 people/minute).
4. The infrared thermometer machine supports storage function. 30 groups of measurement data can be stored.
5. When connected to a computer. The k3 pro infrared scanner supports real-time body temperature data export function and data query function.

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wall-mounted infrared digital thermometer

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wall-mounted infrared digital thermometer

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