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Infrared thermometer

K9 pro Thermometer Soap Dispenser

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  • Features:K9 pro Thermometer Soap Dispenser:0.1S passes quickly. High precision. Fever smart alarm. 5 languages. Volume adjustment. API interface.
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0.1S fast temperature measurement
Fever and high temperature intelligent alarm
Broadcast in 5 languages
Through automatic temperature measurement
High precision
Non-contact temperature detection
Free volume adjustment

K9 pro Intelligent Soap Dispenser
Accuracy ±0.2°C(34~45°C, put it in the operating environment for 30 minutes before use)
Alarm type flashing+ bleeping“DIDIDI”
Measuring distance 5cm~10cm
Interface Type-C
Bottle Capacity 1000mL
Mounting Type Place on the desktop, Wall-hanging,Tripod-fixed
Working Temperature 10℃~40℃ ( 15℃~35℃ Recommended)
Measuring range 0~50℃
Response time 500ms
Standby time 5s for non-working, dynamic loop with white light
Power supply DC 5V 1500MA(or 4 AA batteries)
Dimension 119*133*280mm
Liquid type hand sanitizer or liquid disinfectant

Automatically complete temperature measurement and disinfection at the same time

0.5s automatic temperature measurement, free switching of ℉/℃,Can be adjusted to count mode

K9 pro Thermometer Soap Dispenser

Liquid disinfectant spray or hand sanitizer gel

K9 pro Thermometer Soap Dispenser

K9 pro Thermometer Soap Dispenser
K9 pro Thermometer Soap Dispenser

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