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Infrared thermometer

K3 Pro non contact infrared thermometer price

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  • Features:K3 Pro infrared thermometer price is 23 USD. Non-contact scanning. Passed ce rohs fcc certification. The data is transferred to the PC. 100+ units. Provide ex-factory price. Contact us now.
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K3 Pro infrared thermometer.
Non-contact scanning.
0.1S display body temperature.Fever automatic alarm.
Pass ce rohs fcc certification.
Statistics of data transfer personnel.
Screen large numbers of people faster.
Durable quality.Easy to install.
100+ units. Provide ex-factory price.

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HX-K3 Pro non contact infrared thermometer

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HX-K3 Pro non contact infrared thermometer

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Multiple installation and fixing methods
HX-K3 Pro non contact infrared thermometer
Product details

Model Number: 
K3 Pro Body size:  170*115*140mm
Body weight:  303G (no battery) Patents:  utility model patent, design patent, quality inspection report
Certificate:  CE, FCC, RoSH, the FDA High temperature alarm:  37.3℃ (alarm temperature setting is supported)
Accuracy tolerance:  ±0.2 (34~45℃) Temperature measuring technology:  infrared measuring instrument has no contact with forehead
Measuring distance:  5 ~ 10 cm Measurement method:  Photosensitive distance sensor
Reflection time:  0.5s Measurement units:  C and F (Certigrade and Fehrenheit)
Working band:  5 microns Display mode:  2.8-inch LCD display
Surface temperature measurement range:  10-50 ℃ Placement:  Hanging/strongly attached hook/bracket fixed
Human body temperature measurement range:  35--42℃ Power supply mode:  Computer USB/USB plug / 4 AA batteries with size 5
Working environment temperature range:  10-40 ℃ Standby time:  30S into ultra-low power mode
Counting mode counting range: 9999 times Working mode:  surface mode/object mode/counting mode
Fuselage temperature data recording:  The fuselage supports looking back 30 sets of data Measurement temperature anomaly:  the red light flashes alternately with the screen, showing the measured value and emitting alarm sound for 10 seconds
Body storage:  Supports storage Connect to computer:  Support connection
Low power standby:  ultra-low power standby is supported Voice broadcast:  The airframe supports voice broadcast/software supports voice broadcast
Whether it supports charging or not:  It does not Whether outdoor measurement is supported:  outdoor measurement is supported (not under direct light)

        K3 Pro non contact infrared thermometer is fast and efficient, the deviation is controlled in the range 0.1-0.2℃.The" high" and "bleep"would appear on the display screen when the temperature is higher than 37.5℃ .

        it remind people to pay attention to health condition in time, it has super long standby time, power saving and environmental protection, long time escort by charge once, can be installed in crowded places, such as: railway station, bus station, hospital, school, etc. 

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