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Auto Hand Scan Thermometer Model

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Auto Hand Scan Thermometer Model uses a high-precision infrared temperature sensor to detect the body temperature of the human body by measuring the temperature of the palm, wrist, or forehead of the human body.
Auto Hand Scan Thermometer Model
Auto Hand Scan Thermometer Model has built-in distance and temperature dual sensors, and adopts non-contact temperature measurement. Through the cross temperature algorithm of distance sensor and temperature sensor, the human body can complete body temperature detection without touching the device.
Disadvantages of the forehead thermometer: close contact with people, easy to cross-infection, high labor cost, and low flow rate of people.
The advantages of Auto Hand Scan Thermometer Model: personnel are supervised remotely to avoid cross-infection, reduce labor input costs, rapid detection, and improve the passing efficiency of places with a large flow of people.
Auto Hand Scan Thermometer Model
How to use Auto Hand Scan Thermometer Model: It can be fixed on the desktop, wall, passage gate, security gate and other places, close distance;
The detection method is single point detection;
The detection range is laser;
The reaction time is 0.5S-0.8S;
The maximum detection angle is 5 degrees;
The distinguished temperature measurement is 0.02℃;
Accuracy applies to temperature deviations around 0.2℃;
The detection range is suitable for 2-8 cm;
Buzzer alarms to alert infected persons with fever;
The temperature detection range is -10℃~100℃;
The best working environment is 15℃~40℃;
The interface is suitable for RS485 output and supports data transmission to a computer, etc.;
The power supply is suitable for DC 12V;
The voltage is suitable for 0.2A;
The adapter is suitable for AC220V to DC12V adapter or USB cable;
Auto Hand Scan Thermometer Model

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